"It's a smart, darkly funny film.” – Rooftop Films

“Well-observed, bitingly funny and riddled with idiosyncrasies”
 – Indiewire

"Carefully styled, shot and paced, the film aims to tantalize more than shock."  – StageBuddy

“Captures the humiliation, underscored by real peril."  – The New Yorker

“Michael Tyburski's "Actor Seeks Role" immediately leapt out ahead of the pack. It's a fully realized, well shot and brilliantly acted short film...refreshing to see a short film that fully takes advantage of it's time constraints and uses them brilliantly...it's outstanding.” – Hammer to Nail

"It's a Faustian tale...a fully realized and sharply acted film with an exceptional performance from Alex Karpovsky.” – IFFBoston (Winner, Grand Jury Prize Narrative Short)

"A distinct and unusual story, featuring some confident filmmaking and captivating performances...Tyburski's assured drama offers a riveting glimpse into a side of acting not often seen or discussed in film." – Short of the Week

"This is a perfect short film...stands out as one of the Sundance star films, it is beautifully directed and acted and succeeds doing all of the things a short film should accomplish.” – Indiewire

“Funny, entertaining and unique.” – The Huffington Post

“Bizarre yet captivating...beautifully shot, the visual style of the film really sets the tone from the start.” – Fan the Fire Magazine

“There are so many elements we love about this film.” – Directors Notes



“Brooklyn Farmer”

"Soundtracked with a soothing narration and showcasing a dear fondness for the open water, Tyburski imbues his film with an adventurous spirit that’s highly contagious.” — Indiewire

"Tyburski’s emotional depiction of the unexpected secondary effects of globalization on the development of today’s society exudes more sincerity and humility than most of his other contemporaries. This film is a rare account of the superb threads in the human mind.” — HY.GEN.IC