2019 Sundance Film Festival (U.S. Dramatic Competition)

Narrative Feature | 87 mins
Starring: Peter Sarsgaard, Rashida Jones, Tony Revolori, and Austin Pendleton


“A quiet revelation.”

“Debuting feature director Michael Tyburski and co-writer Ben Nabors' lyrical character study… deftly balances the cerebral with the soulful in a story of transfixing originality.”

“An ideally cast Peter Sarsgaard plays one such specialist, ironing out the discordant sonic kinks that cause depression, anxiety or stress in the homes of people living in that most cacophonous of cities, New York.”

“…the beautiful final scenes, unfolding during a thunderstorm-induced New York power outage, have an almost magical quality of hope and human connection.”

“It says something about this minor-key but unexpectedly lovely film's lingering spell that we leave the theater — at least I did — recalibrating our own aural perception process and parsing the sounds around us with new attentiveness.”

-David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

"The Sound of Silence reverberates with big ideas beneath the surface.”

"Nearly two decades ago, Charlie Kaufman opened the door to a fresh realm of absurdist science fiction with Being John Malkovich, and few screenwriters have managed to replicate that endearingly dorky, hyper-cerebral style of comedy since. The Sound of Silence comes close."

"Sure to maintain a degree of hipster cred for those who’ve seen it."

-Peter Debruge, Variety

“Michael Tyburski's debut feature deserves to be listened to at full volume.”

“Tyburski takes a more cerebral approach, offering up a man who’s so attuned to the constant background hum of daily life that he knows how to focus on the signal and ignore the noise.”

“Tyburski and co-writer/producer Ben Nabors brought a shorter version of the story called “Palimpsest” to Sundance six years ago, and managed to avoid most of the pitfalls associated with shorts extended into features: “The Sound of Silence” never feels like 20 minutes of narrative stretched across an 85-minute runtime…”

“It’s an auspicious debut for Tyburski and may leave you wishing you could hire a house tuner of your own.”

-Michael Nordine, IndieWire

“The Sound of Silence is a charming and incisive film about a classically unique New Yorker…”

““It’s a tranquil movie—even the shots designed to rattle and jar have a pleasant softness to them, and (as we learned at the Sundance Q&A) director Michael Tyburski began the shoot with a moment of silence—and the images are delicately lovely, never overstated, with ideas and passions that run deep.”

“A film that revels in minute details and subtleties finishes with a transcendently beautiful vision: a great reign of silence and darkness, fitting for this iconoclastic love letter to New York.”

-Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Rooftop Films

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